5 Digital Marketing Tools to Manage Your Business

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5 Digital Marketing Tools to Manage Your Business in 2021

Digital marketing spend is about to reach $146 billion by 2023, as per Forrester. Large-scale organizations and multinational companies are also focusing on online mediums to stay ahead in the competition and generate more profits.

However, to ensure maximum online conversions through digital marketing campaigns, you will need reliable tools that make your routine productive and efficient.

Otherwise, for being the digital marketer, your work hours would be drained by unnecessary tasks.

Therefore, you must have access to tools to schedule, plan, automate, track, and manage your activities.

So today, we are going to discuss why digital marketing tools to manage your business in 2020.

  1. Calendly

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs should agree that capturing leads and scheduling meetings with potential clients in this digital world can be overwhelming.

You will not only have to stay in touch with the prospects through email followups and social media messaging applications but pursue them to become buyers.

Digital Marketing Tools

However, while fulfilling deadlines and running online marketing campaigns, you also need to take care of new business opportunities.

Calendly is the perfect way to do that. It is an online appointment scheduling software that you can leverage to manage and scale your digital marketing businesses in 2021.

With the help of this scheduling software, you no longer need to be dependent on any virtual assistant or subordinates to manage your appointments and meetings.

  1. Trello

Trello is of the most favourite task management software to schedule and track my daily activities and ensure that every task is completed on time.

Trello also provides mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. With the help of such portability, you can manage and keep track of your routine tasks efficiently.

Digital Marketing Tools

You can also invite your team members or clients to streamline all your relevant tasks under one roof and ensure all the concerned individuals are on the same page.

You can also get attachments, just like emails, to be associated with the tasks.

  1. Elementor Plugin

Digital marketers and online entrepreneurs are heavily dependent on websites because it is the most essential digital properties for business.

The website plays a vital role as an entity that can serve online users 24×7 on your behalf.

Therefore, you must have knowledge and understanding of how elements on your web pages are working.

Currently, not all digital marketers know about web development. So, they need a tool which can help them manipulate website efficiently with a user-friendly interface. With Elementor, you can design super-awesome landing pages easily

Elementor plugin will help you achieve that objective in 2020.

  1. Zoom

Zoom.us is a video conferencing tool that you can leverage for effective team management and client communication activities.

Digital Marketing Tools

Along with video conferencing, you can also use this tool for webinars, video presentations, cross-platform messaging, enterprise phone system.

You no longer have to rely on any other visual communication software once you start using Zoom.us.

  1. Flock

Flock is an all-in-one online communication tool that provides all the necessary features that digital marketers need to manage their team and clients.

Digital Marketing Tools

One of its exciting features is its support for third-party platforms. You can integrate your favourite tools like Google Analytics, Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Bitbucket, and Trello.

With its extensive search feature, you can effortlessly find any conversation or chat history along with attachments.

You can check out the pricing of the tool here.


I hope you have found this list helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts about the article in the comments below.


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